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We provide innovation to help you achieve your goals.

Keysource Foods’ true vertical integration provides a unique ability to develop, innovate and adapt our product to suit nearly every customer need. No matter what your business goals may be, we have proven expertise in specification development, branding, private label innovations, managing seafood regulations, and testing.

With a history of pioneering processes, we are known for our production expertise and innovative products and work with our customers to ensure we help them get the results they desire. Our industry leading sales executives include former buyers who have been the heads of some of the world’s largest seafood programs and understand the buyer’s world to anticipate their needs in order to get the job done as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We specialize in customized programs tailored for retailers, foodservice companies, distributors, and manufacturers. Our goal is to partner directly with you to meet your needs and deliver impeccable quality with superior service.